About Me

Hello ! I'm Silvio Ergatis, also known as "cybergatis".
The primary purpose of this blog is to allow potential customers, partners and friends to get to know me on a more personal note.  I'm a full-time freelancer with 4 years' experience in web design, link building and SEO Services
I became more and more interested into the online marketing/SEO industry. From the very beginning link building caught my eye because is the most important part of an SEO campaign. I have developed link strategies for some of the most competitive markets online (insurance, home based business, fashion, media) and in all cases have generated postive results. I use legit methods (whitehat SEO) to get my clients sites into Google's first page. I believe in practical work instead of theoretical knowledge because the things that we do by own self are more effective than our theoretical knowledge.

I like meeting people and chatting with them, I like sports, reading, going out with my friends (thing that happens not very often unfortunately, because lack of time), and many other things.

One of my favorite quote at work is “Vision without action is a daydream.  Action without vision is a nightmare

I invite you to check my services page to see exactly what I offer.

When you are ready to talk or ask me anything just use my contact page or guestbook and I will be happy to contact you.